Pray For Us

GraceWorks is a ministry of grace, rooted in prayer. We believe that prayer is a powerful tool that allows us access to the heart of God. We invite you to join us in praying for GraceWorks Ministries, and our local community.

Here is a list of GraceWorks prayer requests:

• The Christmas Manger and the over 900 families we will serve at our Franklin and Fairview sites.

• That at the Manger those who don’t know Christ, will through this event have their hearts moved toward God.

• The elderly who will spend the holidays alone.

• Families we serve over the holidays as they sit in need at a time everyone else is celebrating.

• Stamina of staff for all the ways we serve during the holiday season

Here is a list of GraceWorks praises:

• A successful GraceWorks Turkey Trot 5K.

• The hundreds of volunteers who will serve at the GraceWorks Manger.

• The church communities that will be delivering Christmas Food Baskets with us.

• The support that we receive from the folks of Williamson County that allows us to serve so well and so comprehensively.