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C2TT5K Report: Are We There Yet?

Back in the day, our family used to take long vacation road trips. Like the typical impatient kid I was, I would ask my parents from the back seat “Are we there yet?”. After repeating this question every hour or so, patience would wear thin and my mother would tell me she’d let me know when we were just past half way.

The beauty of being beyond the midway point of our journey was that I knew I was now closer to our destination than our starting point. Though there was still a long road ahead, I could really begin to envision the moment we’d arrive and vacation would officially begin.

That’s how I feel now after the fourth week of my Coach to Turkey Trot 5K (C2TT5K) program. I’m now just past halfway through my training. I can actually envision myself running in the Trot this Thanksgiving morning and FINISHING. I’m now closer to my goal than the day I laced up my running shoes for the first workout.

The free C25K app by Zen Labs for my iPhone I’ve used from the get-go has built up my run time each week. To find out more about the workout, visit one for the first two installments in this series here or here.

As for my workouts the last two weeks, I won’t say they’ve been easy. I’m not feeling as sore on my off days but am needing to ice my knees after each run. I am still huffing and puffing more than I probably should but cooler fall weather has been my friend. No regrets.

But enough about C2TT5K. Let’s talk about the extra motivation I needed to get off the couch in the first place.

The Turkey Trot 5K is GraceWork’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Funds raised through registration fees and sponsorships go directly toward helping GraceWorks provide services for Williamson County neighbors in need. Please visit to get all the details and to register.

For anyone who wants to help fundraise, you may set up your team for free at FirstGiving. Or, if you want to become a part of Team C2TT5K and support my efforts, you may do that here. Participants may also donate to purchase Student Fuel Bags when they register for the Trot. These are bags of nutritional food students on the free/reduced lunch program take home for the weekend.

Back in a couple of weeks with the next C2TT5K update. Until then, just keep trotting.

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