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Changing Lives a Step at a Time


As part of GraceWorks’ Strategic plan we are expanding into additional long-term resources programming. One of our new initiatives is called Stepping Forward. This program is about wrapping services around clients who desire to move ahead in their lives and show a desire and have the capability to change their lives.

Rae Boyd, our Client Services Manager, explains it like this:

“When you are starting out, an early setback can dramatically alter the trajectory of your life. Perhaps it was dropping out of school to support your family, an unplanned pregnancy, or a lost job.

“Once that direction has been established, it can become harder and harder to get back on track. Just trying to keep the bills paid can drain all your energy, making it nearly impossible to move ahead. Despite your best efforts to break free, you are caught in an endless cycle that leads to hopelessness.

“This is where our new program, Stepping Forward, is designed to intervene. By pairing participants with mentors and developing a personalized curriculum, we are providing individuals with the tools they need to get back on their feet. And because we are committing to working with people for a longer period, they have the needed time to reach some significant personal goals.

“One single mom with four children has already gone from being homeless and jobless to securely housed and gainfully employed within six months. All because Jesus not only wants us to help with daily needs, but also to walk along side, so they can reach their God-given potential.

“Now, with every step you take, say a little prayer for those in our program who are working each and every day to free themselves from the challenges of their past.”


Tina Edwards,
Executive Director of GraceWorks Ministries, Inc.

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