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Drive Away Hunger Challenge Sets Record

The 2nd Annual Drive Away Hunger Challenge has wrapped and the results are in with Woodland Middle School winning the prize for the most pounds overall (18,639 pounds) and Freedom Intermediate School winning the prize for the most pounds per student (18.08 pounds).

Between the twelve FSSD and WCS middle schools, 9,600 students participated collecting a total of 38,100 pounds of food for GraceWorks’ pantry, more than double what was collected last year.

Darrell Waltrip Automotive Group’s Annual Middle School Drive Away Hunger Challenge partners middle schools from both Franklin Special School District with Williamson County Schools encouraging them all to collect donations for GraceWorks’ Fuel Bag (weekend nutrition) program.  The program is made available for all students in Williamson County who qualify for the free/reduced meal programs through the school systems.  Last year 20,812 fuel bags were distributed to students in need to take home for the weekend.

“The relationship that Williamson County Schools has with GraceWorks is a prime example of the strong community bond that is prevalent across Williamson County,” said Dr. Charles Farmer, Williamson County School Assistant Superintendent, Middle and High Schools. “Darrell Waltrip Automotive’s support of the combined efforts of our organizations further bolsters the unique sense of purpose found throughout our county. We continue to be thankful that we are able to engage our students and families in civic-minded opportunities afforded to us by organizations like GraceWorks.”

Woodland Middle School collected 18,638 pounds and Freedom Intermediate School collected a total of 10,251 pounds.  Other honorable mentions were Freedom Middle School with 2,799 pounds, Page Middle School with 1,984 pounds, Grassland Middle School with 1,683 pounds and Sunset Middle School with 1,096 pounds.

“We are extremely proud of our middle school students for their efforts in the “Drive Away Hunger Challenge” to help provide food for those individuals in need” said Dr. David Snowden, FSSD Director of Schools.  “We also appreciate the support our parents, teachers, staff members and administrators displayed as they helped students understand the importance of “giving” to those less fortunate.  Congratulations and thanks to all the students and schools that participated in this worthy endeavor!”

“As I watched our GraceWorks truck drivers unload box after box of donated food, I was thrilled to learn that our Williamson County Middle Schools had set a new record this year in the Drive Away Hunger Challenge,” said Andrew Brown,
Interim President of GraceWorks.  “I am excited to see our young people caring for and giving back to the community in which they live.  Because of your generosity, more of our neighbors can go to bed with a full stomach!  Thank you.”

Both Woodland Middle School and Freedom Intermediate School will be presented with $1,250 and an official Drive Away Hunger Challenge trophy in the upcoming weeks.

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