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Enabling God’s Grace to Shine Through

Barbara Griffy worked the last Tuesday of her life at GraceWorks, listening to the stories of the struggles Williamson County families were facing.

Two nights later, she fell at home, and the cancer already ravaging her body was kick-started into its last spiral.

Barbara was a GraceWorker — the hardest job at GraceWorks. GraceWorkers interview our neighbors in need who come here for help. She was one of 60 volunteers who donate their time and their compassion to help people in need.

Each person who comes to GraceWorks has a one-on-one conversation and prayer about their circumstances, and GraceWorkers and staff determine the best way to help their need.

It’s not easy, listening to sad story after sad story of lives turned upside down by death, divorce, accident, by chance or by mistake. They listen to all nonjudgmentally, only seeking a way to help.

And their work enables God’s grace to shine through the lives they touch.

Most GraceWorkers are older. They have the time to contribute. Some do it because they have been through rocky times themselves and know what it’s like. Others because they haven’t had hard times and want to give back for their blessings they received.

And we are always in need of people who feel called to participate in this ministry. Contact Erica Watkins if you are interested.

Barbara called being at GraceWorks her “medication” in dealing with the cancer she fought for years.

“If I can help someone, that’s what I want to do,” she said. “I have a lot to be grateful for. I do.”

— by Kathi McClure

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