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For the Kingdom

Erin Saurers, GraceWorks volunteer and donor relations manager, learned something this month.

Her job is to recruit volunteers and make them feel appreciated. But she never knew that her passion for GraceWorks could be so infectious.

“One of my regular volunteers who had been volunteering about three months, came in and said she had a donation for me. I said, ‘Okay,’ and she handed me a check.

“I looked down at the check and looked up at her, and I looked down at the check and looked back at her. Then I hugged her. She said she loves GraceWorks and loves everything we stand for. She said she and her husband are very blessed in their life, and they wanted to share.”

The check was for $20,000. The amount was astounding, but what moved Erin’s heart more was what the volunteer had written on the memo line – “For the Kingdom.”

“It knocked the wind out of me,” Erin said. It made me speechless and so excited that somebody loved GraceWorks as much as I do. I loved the fact that a volunteer that just started recently has fallen love with GraceWorks in such a short time. She gets it.

“I’m still excited about it. I get emotional when I think of it. That is a pure heart with a pure soul. That’s pure generosity. That’s what we’re here for – helping our neighbor. And she totally got it.”

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  1. Erin Mann

    This just gave me chills! What an amazing gift at such an urgent time of year. Truly a confirmation that the Lord works in mysterious ways 🙂

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