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“Full of Food”

Two pieces of bread and one slice of cheese — that was all a family of six had to eat.

A young pregnant woman who came into GraceWorks that day initially came to sign up for baby supplies. She didn’t know she could get food, too.

While in conversation with a Neighbor Services interviewer, she was astounded when the subject of food arose. The interviewer, also astounded at the scarcity of food in her home, arranged for her to get a shopping cart full of groceries to take home to feed her family.

“She was so grateful,” said Luis Sura, GraceWorks Neighbor Services program assistant. “She was crying and kept saying, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’”

The woman’s mother had gone to work that morning hungry and worried over what the family was going to do with practically nothing to eat in the house. When she came home, she found “the kids full of food.”

This family is among the 7.6%, or 15,210, of Williamson County residents who are considered food insecure, reports Feeding America. Food insecurity is defined as a lack of access to adequate for all family members.

Food is the primary request that GraceWorks fills for our Williamson County neighbors. In 2016, GraceWorks distributed food valued at $1.6 million through food carts, student Fuel Bags and mobile food pantries.

A family can receive a cart full of food valued at $220 each month, if needed, and extra items through USDA if they qualify for that federal program. Fuel Bags are bags of nutritious food given on weekends to school children on the free/reduced lunch program. Mobile food pantries were held last year in Fairview, Franklin and College Grove.

— by Kathi McClure

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