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God Brought Us Together

Some might call it serendipity or chance or plain luck.

But the man who was saved called it God.

Jeff Fuqua, GraceWorks’ communications manager, received a message on our Facebook page thanking us for giving him food.

Fuqua noticed the man had also posted messages about recent problems. He had been diagnosed with a disease and he needed a job and money.

But the latest post said he was thinking about committing suicide. Fuqua contacted GraceWorks’ client services director Rae Sanchez, who called the sheriff’s office. Paramedics were sent to the man’s home and provided the assistance he needed.

A few days later he posted a message to thank GraceWorks:

“I just wanted to thank you for making sure I got the help I needed. I know that God was at work and brought us together. He knew that you would help me when I needed it so bad, and I still do. I hope that you understand and forgive me for what I did. Again, thank you.”

He came to GraceWorks a few weeks later to express his gratitude again, Sanchez said.

“He said GraceWorks truly saved his life.”

The experience was humbling, Fuqua said, and illustrates the power of God to put people together.

“We see examples of how God works in mysterious ways every day,” Fuqua said. “Unique circumstances arise which allow GraceWorks to help a neighbor even when they may not reach out to us for help.”

— by Kathi McClure

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