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Grace Got Him Home

Penniless, he walked out of the Williamson County jail—nearly paralyzed by what to do next.

He had no food, no shelter. Most of all, he had no idea how he could get back to his home and his four children in Florida.

Then someone told him about GraceWorks.

He walked from the jail to our offices, only to find they had just closed. A young woman coming out the door listened to his story, and said she would find someone to help him. She called Brian Myers, GraceWorks’ church and community relations manager, who also serves on the Williamson County Homeless Coalition.

“I told him my terrible story, and I cried to him,” the man wrote in a letter later to GraceWorks. “He is a very understanding man. I am 48 and felt like a piece of garbage, but he consoled me.”

Myers got the man a taxi ride to Nashville and purchased him a bus ticket. He also gave him a hat and a backpack filled with snacks for his trip to Florida.

In his letter, the man vowed to send back the $250 spent on his behalf when he got back on his feet.

“I don’t know what I did to get so much help from you,” the man wrote.

But we at GraceWorks know.

It’s called grace.

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