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Helping a Neighbor Stay Warm

He needed only $120.

He had been living in a shack this past winter, and finally had the opportunity to move into a proper dwelling. He had to have $300 to turn on the electricity.

He gathered up all the money he had, but he was $120 short. $120 was the difference between sleeping in a cold shack in February or having a roof over his head and being warm.

He thought he knew where he could get help, and so he came to GraceWorks.

“He had the $180 folded up in his oil-stained hand,” said Rae Sanchez, GraceWorks Neighbor Services director.

After hearing his story, staff and volunteers scurried around to get a check cut in time for him to race to Middle Tennessee Electric before closing and arrange for his electricity.

“He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved us here at GraceWorks,” said the GraceWorker who interviewed him.

The man dashed off.

But his gratitude wasn’t completed.

“After he went to MTEMC, he came back to GraceWorks to give us all a hug,” said Erica Watkins, Neighbor Services administrative assistant.

— by Kathi McClure

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