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Hope Rises from the Ashes

tinaI am so proud of what GraceWorks staffers and volunteers do every day, but once in a while something exceptional happens.

In the middle of the ice and snow in February, GraceWorks was called upon to do something extraordinary. A Franklin family’s trailer burned to the ground, and the family of six lost everything. They had little money, no insurance, and worse, they would have to pay to have the debris moved from the lot.

GraceWorks is the American Red Cross disaster relief partner in Williamson County, and Client Resource Manager Rae Boyd got the call. Despite being closed for the weather, she was able to coordinate a variety of people and government services to ensure the family had a new home within the month.

Thank you, Rae, and thank you, Williamson County residents and government, for helping this family through their dark time.

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Tina Edwards,
Executive Director of GraceWorks Ministries, Inc.

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