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I Am Never Alone in My Journey

We received the following letter from one of our neighbors after her visit to GraceWorks:

They say in life there are no coincidences and meeting you today is proof that God has a plan for each one of us. I am overwhelmed by your empathy and genuine desire to help.

It is overwhelming to look at the face of a total strange and humbly ask for help. Blind faith led me to GraceWorks today and I am able to breathe easier knowing I have a gas card to help me, some snacks for my two children and two outstanding utility bills paid.

The words “thank you” seem inadequate for what you have done for my heart. Usually, I am the giver of monetary gifts. However, life has a lesson for me. I know now that angels grace this earth and I am never alone in my journey.

Thanks again for listening, advising and, above all else, showing me grace.

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