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“I Have $1.50 in My Pocket”

A family moved to Williamson County for a better job for the father and better education for their children.

It was the way life is supposed to be — living the American dream.

They hadn’t realized how expensive Williamson County living can be. And their budget was soon stretched, with twins in elementary school and two teenagers with special needs. Still, they were managing until one of the teenagers needed emergency treatment for a life-threatening incident.

To meet the medical payments, they depleted their savings and fell behind in their bills — so much so that their power was disconnected, and it was costing $300 to have it turned back on.

The mother fought back tears while telling her story to the GraceWorker interviewer. Her special needs teenager, who couldn’t comprehend what was happening, tried to console her, saying “I know she is very upset right now.”

GraceWorks asks people seeking help for bills if they can contribute financially too. The answer was unexpected.

“I have $1.50 in my pocket, but if you can pay my bill, I promise to pay you back at the rate of $10 per month starting just as soon my husband gets his next paycheck.”

GraceWorks doesn’t ask our neighbors to pay back the financial help they are given, and the GraceWorker insisted the neighbor didn’t have to contribute her $1.50. It even took some effort to convince the tearful mother that GraceWorks could help the family get caught up on bills by giving them a monthly food cart.

The GraceWorker said working with the family renewed her faith in GraceWorks’ mission.

“This incident proved to me one more time how vital an organization GraceWorks is to the wellbeing of the community.”

— by Kathi McClure

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