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It’s Not Too Late to Make Your Year-End Gift

A couple came in to The Manger two minutes before the doors were scheduled to be locked.

“Are we too late? Please tell us we’re not too late,” they said as they ran up to the check-in desk. They were nearly out of breath and panicked that they were too late to get gifts for their six children. They had driven from Fairview after spending the day at Vanderbilt Medical Center, where one of their children had surgery that day. The operation ran late, they had to take the children back to Fairview for a babysitter and rush to Franklin, terrified each moment they wouldn’t make it in time.They were greeted with welcoming smiles, offered snacks and water and were able to take some deep breaths and relax in the Good News Room, where volunteers prayed with them.

In a more serene mood, the couple then went into the shopping area to choose their gifts.

“Each child has a different personality,” stated GraceWorks Development Director Kristi Sylvester. “We were walking around, helping them to find just the right gifts based on the interests of each child. They left with big smiles knowing they selected each gift, making it one of those special God moments.”

Your donations make experiences like this and many others happen. Families are not only helped at Christmas, but offered hope through all of GraceWorks 20 programs such as a food pantry, rent and utility assistance, educational programs, backpacks and supplies, air conditioners and heaters and more.

Help us meet future needs in our community by making a year-end, tax deductible donation to GraceWorks by December 31.

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