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More Than a Thrift Store…

I am so proud of GraceWorks that I often walk around wearing my GraceWorks’ name tag. Yes, I confess, sometimes even on a Saturday while grocery shopping. And I find people will go out of their way to tell me how much they like GraceWorks.

What I hear most often is how much they like the Thrift Store. I love that some people have even twirled around to model the outfits they purchased here, or that they list all the items they dropped off as Thrift Store donations. The Thrift Store is definitely an important (and well-known!) part of our ministry.   

But I want our Williamson County community to truly know GraceWorks. As you get the word out about our marvelous Thrift Store, I am also asking you to help me get the word out about the GraceWorks programs that the Thrift Store supports. 

Just remember the acronym FISH.

F stands for Family Support where we offer help with payments of rent and utilities, clothing and home goods, medical support, aid during disasters, temporary shelter for the homeless, as well as a host of other services.

I stands for Instructional Programs, which include the Stepping Forward long-term mentoring program, financial and family guidance, nutritional education and fire and fall prevention.

S stands for Seasonal Programs, which include programs such as Christmas gifts for The Manger, backpacks and school supplies and tax preparation.

H stands for hunger prevention and includes the food pantry along with the Fuel Bag program that provides a Friday take-home bag of light meals and snacks to children throughout Williamson County who are at hunger risk over the weekend.

Our Thrift Store has been listed as one of the local nonprofit stores worth checking out by Ms. Cheap in The Tennessean. But it is also worth checking out because of the lives it allows us to impact. For instance, our rent payment program – a mere $500 investment allowed a single mom to stay in school and finish her degree, thus helping to change the course of her life and the lives of her children. A significant portion of the $500 rent payment was provided by Thrift Store sales!

Thrift Store sales account for nearly 1 million of the dollars put toward tangible help for our neighbors who come to GraceWorks. So please keep giving to the Thrift Store and please keep shopping here; these simple actions are dramatically changing lives.

Thank you for being part of our mission – whether you donate, shop, volunteer, pray for us, or just talk us up to others, we couldn’t do this work without out you. So go spread the word!!!

By the way, don’t forget to sign for Ride The Vines at  This exciting bike ride on April 22 starts at beautiful Samary Plantation and is another way to support the (FISH) programs that serve our neighbors! You can join me on the 24-mile CEO Wimp Ride, if you, like me, aren’t able to do the full 52 miles!

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