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Serving a Servant

An Army veteran reluctantly sought help from GraceWorks early this month.

Bob (not his real name) used to be a regular GraceWorks donor, and he was mortified to be on the other end as a client.

Bob is used to making his own way, but illness had struck his family and the medical expenses left little to pay the regular bills. He managed to pay the rent, but he just couldn’t come up with the funds to pay his $256 utility bill. His application for veteran benefits is slowly making its way through the labyrinth of federal bureaucracy.

GraceWorks took care of his utility bill. After much convincing, Bob accepted groceries from the GraceWorks Food Pantry and was told he could come back for more food next month.

“He said he didn’t want to do that, but we told him getting food from us would save him money to use for other needs until his benefits finally kick in,” Erica Watkins, Neighbor Services Assistant Manager said.

“We get a lot of military veterans. They don’t like asking for help …” said Watkins. She continued, “This fellow was even more embarrassed. He said he has donated to GraceWorks for years and years.”

To that we say, GraceWorks doors are open for you! Bob is just one example of the unique circumstances our neighbors face. A hard time, a thin month, or a season that is just difficult to overcome – we are there for you. GraceWorks remains dedicated to loving our neighbors as ourselves and sharing the grace of Jesus. It was especially rewarding to serve Bob, a man whose life has been dedicated to service.

— by Kathi McClure

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