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So Far, So Great!

As the new CEO of GraceWorks, I am often asked, “How do you like your job so far?” My typical answer is “So far, so great!” Seriously!! Every day I wake up excited over God’s great favor in allowing me to lead such a compassionate ministry, whose mission of reaching out to neighbors in need perfectly fits my personal Christian beliefs.

Of course the next question I am asked is “As CEO, what are your plans for GraceWorks?” My plans are to build taller and wider upon the already laid foundation of our strong 21-year-old history to make us even stronger.

I want to serve our the needs of our neighbors better, to better partner with mission and missional communities of our Williamson County churches, and to better engage the businesses and members of the community. Frankly, I want GraceWorks to become a household, churchhold, businesshold (okay, I made up a few words there) name.

My starting month of November is also the start of one of our busiest seasons, as you can imagine. As we wrap up the Turkey Trot, in the next breath we are preparing for the Christmas parade, the Christmas food basket giveaway and of course the Christmas Manger.

I love these annual events that we host and see each one as not only a service, a fundraiser, or a public awareness/relations opportunity, but also as an opportunity to make each event function better to better fulfill its purpose. I always say the joy of annual events is that each year you get to do them better! That is my plan for us.

I am new to Tennessee and obviously new to GraceWorks. I have to say that I couldn’t have received a warmer welcome. The southern hospitality I heard about is real! Thank you for your prayers, your hospitality and for making GraceWorks the wonderful ministry that I step into leadership over.

As we move forward together, I invite you to get to know me. Call me! Send me an email! Invite me out to lunch! I want to get to know you as well and to hear your GraceWorks story. You can reach me at or (615) 794-9055 Ext. 138.

Blessings to you as we link our arms and our hearts to support and serve our neighbors in need.

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