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#Spoontember to Raise Hunger Awareness

Since September is Hunger Action Month, GraceWorks is working to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding hunger in Williamson County.

One way you can help in that effort is to take part in Feeding America’s “Spoontember” campaign. The goal is to get supporters to share a “spoon selfie” balancing a spoon on their nose while challenging a friend to do the same.

Here’s how it works:

1. Grab a spoon
2. Do your best to balance it on your nose (or hold it on with one hand)
3. Take a picture of your “spoon selfie”
4. Post the image on Twitter to raise awareness and tag a friend to do the same. Here is an example you can copy & paste:

“Let’s raise awareness of hunger in Williamson Co. Join me, @yourfriendstwitter. @GraceWorksTN”


1. Make your spoon selfie your Facebook profile photo.
2. Make a post which tells others you want to raise awareness about hunger in Williamson County. Something like:

“I’m using a spoon selfie as my profile photo for the rest of September to raise awareness about hunger in Williamson County and invite you to do the same. To find out how you can help, visit #Spoontember @GraceWorksMinistries.”

Be sure to tag @GraceWorksTN on Twitter and/or @GraceWorksMinistries on Facebook so we can share it on our account and post it on our site. With your help, we can keep people aware that hunger happens everywhere. For more information as to how you can help fight hunger in Williamson County, visit here.


Example of Twitter post.

Example of Facebook profile post.

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