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Throwing a Lifeline

The death of her husband eight months ago did more than create an empty space in her life.

She loved him, but “before he left this earth he did quite a bit of damage to our financial and family life,” she said.

Her church helped initially, and some small jobs helped too, but she eventually found herself unable to pay her rent and bills.

“Then GraceWorks came to my rescue,” she said. “They see everyday life every day. They prayed, they embraced me as I cried. They sat quietly absorbing my pain with me and then they brought out the repair kit. They logically, professionally and prudently looked at the grace side of things and put their efforts to helping me financially and emotionally; in other words, throwing me a lifeline.”

The woman found renewed strength and energy. She worked on her outdated certifications and passed a course she needed. A week later, she was offered a job that could support her basic needs.

In a letter expressing her gratitude, she wrote: “Because of GraceWorks’ help and dedication towards that end I sought to find my own talents. I felt I could breathe to think about something else besides the lights going off or getting evicted from my home.”

Sometimes people just need a little help to get over a mountain of grief, depression and scarcity they had thought was insurmountable. GraceWorks is designed to meet each person’s emotional and spiritual needs as well as help for financial difficulties.

—by Kathi McClure

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