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Walking Blessed

Thirteen years after losing his leg, Charles’ prosthesis was worn out.

He came into GraceWorks 18 months ago with the artificial leg held together with duct tape, client services director Rae Sanchez said.

“There were all these strips of tape wrapped around it, and the foot kept breaking off,” Rae Sanchez said. “He had to sit down all the time, but he went to work faithfully every day.”

Charles asked for help in getting a new artificial leg, but the $20,000 to $25,000 price tag was completely out of GraceWorks’ capabilities.

Sanchez started making phone calls but got nowhere for months until she got a tip about a company that might be helpful. When the woman answering the phone learned that Charles had Medicaid, she said the cost of a new prosthesis would be lowered to $1200.

Still too much money for either GraceWorks or Charles.

Sanchez got another tip about a possible grant. She applied, the grant was awarded, and Charles was contacted for a fitting. He received his new leg two months ago.

“God has blessed me, and GraceWorks has blessed me,” Charles said. “GraceWorks helped me get my leg and has given my family food over the years. I can only work part-time because I have other medical issues besides my leg. Sometimes there wasn’t enough money for us to have enough to eat.

“Without GraceWorks, I wouldn’t be able to work and make a living. I appreciate it so much. I really do.”

— by Kathi McClure

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