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Working Together Through Grace

Adolescence is a hard time for everyone, but some teenagers have it harder than others. One local teenage boy was one of those. He was in trouble at school. He was using drugs and alcohol.

His parents kicked him out of their home. But a woman in his church saw something worth saving, and she brought him to GraceWorks last summer.

He was living in a friend’s basement, but he was technically homeless. He came here to ask about jobs, but a GraceWorker saw he needed more than that. Brian Myers, GraceWorks’ church and outreach coordinator, also works with the homeless who seek help here. He found the boy a sleeping bag, gave him food and located a bicycle to enable him to go back and forth to school.

Last month, the boy returned to GraceWorks to thank Myers. He said he had spent 80 days in rehab and then reconciled with his parents. He was back home with them and brought his father to introduce him to the man who helped turn his life around.

It sometimes takes a combination of people to help a child in trouble. First, the boy was helped by his friend, who gave him shelter. The woman from church led him to GraceWorks, which provided his immediate physical and spiritual needs. Rehab gave him the tools to fight his addictions. His parents found forgiveness and trust in their hearts to take him back.

GraceWorks is blessed to have played a part in his transformation, and you, our donors, give us the ability to provide that support. Thank you for the part you played in this young man’s life.

— by Kathi McClure

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